Districtwide ARISS Contact

Video from the ARISS Contact - with improved audio
*Press the CC (Closed Caption) button in the YouTube player to help understand the first four questions*

This video shows the entire ARISS Event!  Thank you to Editor Carlos Vasquez and Mr. Wilcox for compiling this!

The Confirmed date of the ARISS Contact and order of events is as follows:

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

 10:20 AM Buses leave Grades 1-8 Buildings
 10:50 AM
  • Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance, Mr. Brett MacMonigle, HS Principal
  • National Anthem, CIHS Marching Band, Mr. Jeremiah Ryan and Mr. Steve Muller
  • Program Leader Introduction, Mr. Patrick Hait KD2IFR and Mr. Ken Forman
  • Keynote Speaker, Mr. Benjamin Peters, Space Suit Engineer, NASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX
 11:25 AM Ham Radio Speaker, Mr. Peter Portanova, W2JV, AMSAT Area Coordinator
 11:45 AM
 11:54 AM Room silence for signal acquisition 
 11:57 AM Expected Acquisition of Signal - Student Questions with Mr. Richard 'Ricky' Arnold, NASA Orbiting Astronaut, Expedition 55, KE5DAU
 12:08 PM Expected Loss of Signal
 12:08 PM Closing Remarks, Performance by Central Islip High School Marching Band
 12:20 PM Students depart High School


Earth ISS
In the Spring of 2018, the Central Islip Union Free School District is proud to host a contact with the International Space Station over Amateur Radio (ARISS Contact)!  This event is the culmination of over 13 months of planning and exciting learning opportunities for our students.

Please stay tuned to this webpage for more information about this exciting opportunity.

 Watch Videos Click Here to learn even more about the work the astronauts are doing on the space station through our Video Learning page. 

Space Station Information

The International Space Station is currently orbiting the Earth travelling 17,500 miles per hour at an altitude of approximately 250 miles.  There are many websites dedicated to tracking the ISS.  One example of a website that does this is N2YO.com.  Click Here to see more about the location of the ISS.

Where is the ISS

Students will learn about space travel and the work that is done on the ISS in the months and weeks leading up to the event.  Based upon what the students learn, hopefully they will become more interested in the science, technology, engineering, and math skills that are necessary for our future generations to acquire.  The students of the Central Islip community are going to have the opportunity to come up with questions and actually speak with one of the astronaut / scientists on the ISS in the Spring of 2018.  

Astronaut Information

Central Islip students will be speaking with Astronaut Ricky Arnold aboard the ISS.  
Ricky Arnold
Click Here for his Biography.

MARK III Space Suit

Through cooperation with NASA's Johnson Space Center, the Central Islip School District was able to enter an agreement to borrow a Next-Geneartion MARK III Space Suit!  This space suit will be on display in March 2018 in the Mulligan Middle School Main Lobby.  Plans are currently being investigated to see if we can bring the space suit to other buildings in our school district.



Teachers, please contact Mr. Hait or Mr. Forman for more information.